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All my work including but not limited to that depicted on this website and the content of this website itself is copyright.

© Marek Pitera 2017 - 2020. All rights reserved.

In the following items, "I" and "My" refers to Marek Pitera ceramics.

Sale, shipping and returns

During a sale, I aim to pass items to the courier within seven working days of receiving cleared funds (excluding additional time for carriage, which may be substantially longer to international destinations). For any delay beyond this period,  please contact me for resolution.

Please be aware that for any overseas orders, customs charges may be levied by authorities in the destination country that were not included in the sales and shipping cost. It is advisable to check with your postal or customs service if in any doubt.

Returns (for refund or replacement by a similar item) are only accepted in the following cirumstances: breakage in transit, loss in transit or defective workmanship. If agreed, the choice will be refund or replacement by an alternative work (subject to availability) with postage cost discounted. If this option is chosen, I will not refund the difference if a cheaper item is chosen but I will charge the difference in price if a more expensive item is chosen.

I will require proof in the form of a photograph in the case of breakage in transit. I also reserve the right to seek corroboration in the form of tracking information confirming item not delivered in the case of any claim made for item not received. In the case of any claim made for item damaged in trasit, I reserve the right to refuse any claim if sent to me more than five working days after the date of receipt of delivery.

My work is made of stoneware and porcelain which is hard wearing and durable in normal use. In rare cases, a problem may result as a defect of materials or workmanship. In any such case, I reserve the right to make a decision regarding refund on a case by case basis and will require photographic evidence of the defect in advance of any decision. Damage due to accident after receipt or careless handling will not be refunded.

Usage and Care

The nature of my making process is such that the items may be relatively heavy and/or may contain fragile or sharp parts and I cannot be held liable for any damage or injury caused by careless handling. Please always handle with care and ensure that the items are kept out of reach of pets, small children or unassisted disabled persons.

Items that may be used as vessels are not intended to hold hot liquids or any other hot materials and I cannot be held liable for any damage or injury resulting form any use not at ambient temperature.

The items are predominanly sculptural and may contain areas of texture in which dust might gather. They may be safely dusted with a duster or specially made dust blower or washed with clean cold water. The use of concentrated or strong detergents or solvents is not recommended. They are not designed to be cleaned in dishwashers or used in microwave ovens or any other form of oven and I cannot be held liable for any resultant damage or injury.

Privacy and Data

I am committed to maintaining the privacy of all my customers. I do not set any cookies on my website apart from any that may be set without my knowledge by my web host ( Ltd.). I do not sell your data.

My services are exclusively provided for those aged 18 years or over and I do not knowingly store or use any personal information from children.

I may store and use your personal data to enable me to contact you regarding your order or to perform any other task related to the order such as supply and/or refund of ordered items, send billing or invoices. Such data may include your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile phone number or social media identifier, date of purchase, payment card or bank account details.

I may store and use personal data to manage my relationship with you as customer by email, telephone, text message or post. I may share your personal data with my website host ( Ltd. and for the purpose of managing any sale or payment for any item. I may also share your personal data with Paypal Holdings Inc. for the purpose of managing any payment of any item made through Paypal™ or any UK banking provider or ePOS provider for the same purpose.


I may disclose your personal data only if reasonably necessary for compliance with law and/or for the prevention of fraud or criminal activity or for the purpose of disclosing my income to HMRC (the UK taxation authority).

Any personal data will be held in my email account associated with this website (on the contact page) which is held in servers belonging to my email service provider, Microsoft corporation.

Personal data that I hold for any of the purposes stated above will not be held for any longer that in necessary for any of these purposes or for no longer than the 5 UK tax years following contact (in order to comply with UK retention periods for business records) whichever is the longer.


Any item in this policy may be updated as necessary and it is advised to refer this page if necessary to review any changes.

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