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I am a ceramicist based in West London making freestanding and wall mounted stoneware sculptures. Their composition is determined  intuitively with the aim of expressing the subconscious through form, tone and contrast. To find out more about how and where I make my ceramic work, please explore my galleries and other information here. I document much of my day to day work on Instagram and am shortly to open a YouTube channel where I discuss my making process and the ideas behind my work in more detail.


I am very excited to have been selected by THROWN contemporary to participate in ALCHEMY, a collaborative exhibition and events program where my work can be seen alongside that of 10 other artists, an exciting program of events and not least, the fantastic venue OmVed Gardens in Highgate, London. The exhibit runs from the 11 - 26th May 2024. More details can be found here and here.

Instagram @marekpiteraceramics

YouTube     (coming soon)

Ovoid 12. Unglazed stoneware sculpture.
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